How to refresh the rest api token on Aruba central

By esupport posted Jul 31, 2019 08:04 AM


Need to refresh the expired access token


We can refresh the access token through Refresh API option on Swagger. 

In order to refresh the existing token which got expired after two hours, please follow the below steps.
Click the respective Token which was expired"View token" under API Gateway.

Once you click on "View token" the respective token will pop up in order to download.


Later click on Download token in order to ge the parameters which is required to refresh the existing token.

Once we get the refresh token from above screenshot  we should be able to refresh the existing token again for next two hours.
We need client ID and secret as a mandatory parameter in order to refresh the token.
Client ID : The client ID is considered as public information, and is used to build login URLs, or included in JavaScript source code on a page.
Client Secret : The client secret must be kept confidential. 
Client ID and secret will be unique for individual user.




If the request is successful then we get the 200 OK response.


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