ArubaOS-Switch – How to Enable Debugging for OSPF Link-State Messages

By esupport posted Apr 15, 2020 03:51 PM


Aruba 2930F Switch running firmware version WC.16.10.0003 


The link-state advertisement (LSA) is a message type of the OSPF routing protocol for the Internet Protocol (IP). It communicates the router's local routing topology to all other local routers in the same OSPF area. Enabling debugging for OSPF lsa-generation will display these messages.


Rack2sw1# debug destination session
Rack2sw1# debug ip ospf lsa-generation

Rack2sw1# show debug

 Debug Logging

  Source IP Selection: Outgoing Interface
  Origin identifier: Outgoing Interface IP

  Time-stamp: System-Uptime

  Enabled debug types:
   ip ospf lsa-generation


In the following debug output, the link state is received from the Router-ID and an acknowledgement sent.

0001:01:22:30.88 OSPF eRouteCtrl:OSPF SEND: -> Version 2, Type LS Acknowledgement (5), Length 44 ret 80
0001:01:22:31.02 OSPF eRouteCtrl:       Router ID, Area, Authentication <MD5> (2)
0001:01:22:31.12 OSPF eRouteCtrl:       Zero: 0, Key ID: 1, Length: 16, Sequence: 0
0001:01:22:31.20 OSPF eRouteCtrl:       AEX: Advrt LSID Age 6 Sequence 8000000b CkSum 3737 Length 36 Options <E DC> 

Rack2sw2# show ip ospf external-link-state link-state-id

 OSPF External LSAs

  Link State ID   Router ID       Age  Sequence #  Checksum
  --------------- --------------- ---- ----------- ----------         248  0x8000000b  0x00003737