Clear Text password check failure against MSSQL DB

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Environment Information :Experienced this with CP 6.4.x and also applicable to earlier versions.


Symptoms : We have noticed authentication failure against MSSQL database when the password field data type                          is integer. We found the below alert in the Access Tracker even after entering the correct password.


                       Error Code: 216
                       Error Category: Authentication failure
                       Error Message: User authentication failed
                      Alerts for this Request -
                       RADIUS: PAP: CLEAR TEXT password check failed


Cause : ClearPass is expecting the password field data type in string to pass the Clear Text Password Check                      when we use protocol PAP for authentication.


ClearPass is taking the password from client with data type as string and trying to validate it against the MSSQL DB. And the authentication fails if the data type is not string in the DB.


Resolution : We can convert the data type from integer to string when we query the MSSQL DB. So that the Clear                        Text password check will be passed for successful user authentication.


Answer : The below Filter Query will help you to convert password field data type to string, when you query the                         MSSQL DB for authentication.

SELECT CAST(password as VARCHAR(50)) AS User_Password FROM user_auth (nolock) WHERE username ='%{Authentication:Username}'

Note: In the above query the "password" is the name of password column and "user_auth" is the table name and username is the user id column name. You could modify the column and table name as per your design.

The Filter query should be added in the MSSQL authentication source. Navigate to Configuration >> Authentication >> Sources >> Select the created MSSQL authentication source >> Attributes and replace/add the query as shown below.






Sep 22, 2016 03:28 AM

hi thanks for the documentation, but i still experience the same error even i follow the query provided.

Aug 14, 2015 09:15 AM

I noticed this problem specifically related to a Windows 10 device. Rather than adjusting the aruba side to accomodate, is there a way to adjust something within the Win 10 device, or at least understand why it happens with Win 10 devices? In my specific case, I have had two devices, one Win7, one Win8, that were working fine, but when those devices were upgraded to Win10, I saw this error, and they are no longer able to authenticate.