Time Range Profile configuration and the condition in which it will take effective

By esupport posted Feb 28, 2019 11:54 PM


Time Range Profile configuration and what is the condition in which it will take effective?


The time profile configuration and how to apply that profile to an SSID in IAP along with verification of the time range configuration can be seen in the below link


The time range configuration is introduced in Aruba Instant product group starting from Aruba Instant OS and all the future releases.

There are instances in which the time range configuration will not take effect or takes effect the next day. The reason for this behavior is explained with the following example.

Let’s say I have configured the time range profile as follows

(Instant)# show time-range 

Current Time     :2018-06-08 13:27:22
Time Range Summary
Profile Name  Type      Start Day  Start Time  End Day    End Time  Valid
------------  ----      ---------  ----------  -------    --------  -----
time_fri      Periodic  friday     12:00       friday     12:30     No
time_mon      Periodic  monday     12:00       monday     12:30     No
time_sat      Periodic  saturday   12:00       saturday   12:30     No
time_sun      Periodic  sunday     12:00       sunday     12:30     No
time_thu      Periodic  thursday   12:00       thursday   12:30     No
time_tue      Periodic  tuesday    12:00       tuesday    12:30     No
time_wed      Periodic  wednesday  12:00  wednesday  12:30     No

Case 1:

Here we have time range profile configured with the restriction of broadcasting the SSID between 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM. If this configuration is applied before 12:00 PM. Let’s say, we are applying configuration at 11:55 AM. The SSID would broadcast at 11:55 AM…11.57 AM...11:59 AM and then the clock strikes  time range knob that is configured between 12:00 to 12:30 PM. The AP will stop broadcasting the SSID from 12:30 PM, irrespective of configuration being pushed from Airwave or done manually on the IAP. This is a typical example of a working condition.

Case 2:

If the time range configuration is applied after 12:30 PM, the SSID will continue to broadcast till the next cycle (next day) until the clock strikes 12:30 PM of the next day. Once 12:30 PM of the next day is hit, we can expect to see the SSID getting disabled (Not Broadcast).

The AP will not broadcast the SSID till the next day (3rd day) until 11:59 AM. Once the IAP’s clock strikes 12:00 PM the SSID will start broadcasting and will stop broadcasting the SSID after 12:30 PM and the cycle goes on in every day based on this configuration.