Aruba Tech Webinar with Baltimore City Public Schools: WLAN Design for 85K Students

By ozerdo posted May 01, 2012 06:24 PM


Attached is a copy of the presentation from today's tech webinar with Alston Plummer, Senior Network Engineer at Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS), and Pradeep Iyer (aka. pradeep), one of Aruba's founding engineers. A video recording of the presentation can be downloaded from Aruba Networks website or you can see it below.


Part 1: BCPS WLAN Requirements and Design

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BCPS is among the largest urban school districts in United States with 200 schools and 85,000 students. The desire to increase student achievement and enable quality of instruction pointed BCPS to investing more in digital learning. A cornerstone of this initiative was to update the existing WLAN infrastructure that did not have any centralized management, performance to support new apps & devices, and pervasive Wi-Fi coverage. At BCPS, Aruba AirWave manages legacy and new Aruba WLAN infrastructures, Aruba Instant enables Wi-Fi connectivity to brand new set of services in schools and Aruba Mobility Controllers centralize network control for BYOD, Guest and secure IT issued laptops and mobile devices. 


Part 2: Aruba WLAN Deployments

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Pradeep continued the discussion by answering the question "How do you deploy Aruba Instant and Mobility Controller powered WLANs"? He addressed network integration (eg. L2/L3 services, SSIDs), security (eg. AAA, data/network protection) and mobility (eg. roaming within VLANs and across VLANs) with both design options. 


Thanks again to all who joined us this morning. For any questions, please let us know using the discussion forums on Campus WLANs, Aruba Mobility Controllers and Aruba Access Points. 


050112 Aruba BCPS Webinar FINAL.pdf