How Mobility Master(MM) recovers Managed Device(MD) from Bad Configuration in AOS: 8.x?

By esupport posted Mar 21, 2017 03:53 PM


How Mobility Master(MM) recovers Managed Device(MD) from Bad Configuration?


Configurations such as 

  1. Uplink port shut
  2. Partially configured uplink VLAN
  3. Limiting bandwidth contract policy
  4. Bad ACL

on Mobility Master(MM) can interfere with the connectivity between Managed Devices and Mobility Master. 

Bad configurations can be caused by simple typo errors. Even if the user discovers the error, the bad configuration may have already caused connectivity loss, preventing the user from pushing the correct configuration to the managed device.

From AOS: 8.x the Mobility Master(MM) supports an auto-rollback mechanism. Using this mechanism the Mobility Master reverts the Managed Device to the last known good configuration prior to the management connectivity loss.


If auto-rollback from a bad configuration fails, and connectivity between the managed device and Mobility Master remains disrupted, users can enable Disaster Recovery mode on the managed device using the "disaster-recovery on" command.