Configuring Destination NAT rule on Aruba Instant APs (IAP)

By Arunkumar posted Jul 02, 2014 07:19 PM


This article contains:

1. Explanation for the need of destination NAT rule in IAP
2. Configuring destination NAT rule


Instant 3.2 supports Destination NAT rule in ACL. Destination NAT rule is used to direct the traffic to  a specific destination irrespective of the original destination that the traffic was intended for.
One common usage scenario of this feature is sending all DNS requests to a third-party DNS server.
For example, OpenDNS servers provide misspelling correction, phishing protection, and optional content filtering Service.  If we add a rule:
rule any any match udp 53 53 dst-nat ip 53
IAP will rewrite the destination IP of all DNS queries to regardless of the DNS server configured on the client.  This allows a customer to control client behavior.



Environment : This article applies to all the IAPs running


Create a Wireless network and go to “Access rules” as shown in the image below. Click Ok.



rtaImage (18).png


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