HPE/Aruba-OS 5400R zl2 Switch - How To Find The Part Number And Serial Number For Power Supplies

By esupport posted Jul 26, 2020 12:23 PM


How can I find the product number and/or serial number for the power supplies installed in my 5400R zl2 switch?


To view the part number and serial number of any installed power supplies on the 5400R zl2 switch, use the following command at the switch CLI:
  show system power-supply
  This output shows an example of a 5406R zl2 switch with one power supply installed:

If you need to view additional status details about the power supply, add the "detail" option at the end of the command:
  show system power-supply detail
  This output shows the same 5406R zl 2 switch with the "detail" option included: