Phising Alert on Outlook for Sponsor emails from CPPM

By AnandKumar Sukumar posted Jun 29, 2014 07:01 PM

i am using CPPM to authenticate guests via sponsor approval. I get a phising alert on Outllok for every email i get from CPPM.


Environment : This applies to all versions of CPPM


If we are using Sponsor approved Guest access on CPPM, we might get the below alert on Outlook.


This is a security feature of Outlook and we get the alert because we have active links in the email body.

The "Click here" link takes us to the approval page.

We can add the email address to a trusted list to avoid this alert.

Also we can install a server certificate ( CA trusted) on Clear pass to avoid this alert. Once the certificate is installed, its suggested to make the below changes one the Aruba controller if being used.

Log in to the Aruba controller and navigate to Configuration -> authentication

     ==>L3 Authentication -> Select your captive portal page -> Log in page  and change it with the correct URL. The IP would be replaced with the host name which MUST be resolvable by the DNS.