AOS-Switch: OpenFlow Configuration

By esupport posted Dec 08, 2016 05:26 PM



How to configure OpenFlow on an ArubaOS-Switch to connect to a VAN SDN Controller?

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This solution will configure OpenFlow on an ArubaOS-Switch device, allowing the switch to connect to the VAN SDN Controller.

Minimum Software Version Required

This feature requires ArubaOS-Switch 15.18 or later, running on a 2920, 2930F, 3800, 3810, or 5400R switch. Targeted VAN SDN Controller version is 2.7.16.

Configuration Notes

Use this solution to configure OpenFlow to connect to the VAN SDN Controller. This solution will setup the OpenFlow configuration on the switch to use the optimal and recomended configuration.

Do not use this solution when multiple OpenFlow instances are configured on the switch.  All VLANs that are desired to be participating in the VAN SDN Solution should be configured as member VLANs.


For switches, none required. For VAN SDN Controller, standard licensing applies.


  1. HPE ArubaOS-Switch Software OpenFlow 1.3 Administrator Guide 16.02
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