How to form a IAP cluster with 3G/4G uplink or wireless uplink

By AnandKumar Sukumar posted Jul 05, 2014 08:55 PM


Environment : Any IAP with USB port - IAP-3, IAP-108/109, IAP-115, IAP-155

Instant OS version - 3.0 and above


Network Topology: rtaImage.png


Primary USB uplink 3G/4G, connecting to USB port on the IAP which will act as a root AP. Eth1 of root IAP connecting to the switch. Slave IAPs will be connecting to the same switch using Eth0 port.



Answer :


  • Bring up the root IAP with 3G/4G/wireless uplink
  • This will be acting as a root IAP
  • Create a dhcp scope for the wired-downlink on the root AP in a new vlan
  • Create a wired profile and assign Vlan 2 to it
  • Assign the wired-profile to eth1 on the root AP
  • Connect the downlink switch to the Eth1 of the root AP
  • Connect the slave APs Eth0 port to the same switch root AP’s eth1 port is plugged into
  • All the APs would form a cluster with root IAP acting as Master