How to setup the Instant Access Point to connect to Airwave Server using Aruba Activate?

By Arunkumar posted Jul 03, 2014 05:58 PM


Aruba Activate is a free cloud base services provide zero touch provisioning for supported product such as Instant Access Point (IAP), its also automate firmware upgrade and provide inventory management to the users. This article will only show the steps in registering account, configuring the Activate and provisioning the Airwave configuration option such as Airwave Server IP address, organization and shared secret to the IAP.


Aruba Instant OS version or later is required to support this feature.



Environment : Aruba Instant version and IAP-105 is used for all the sample output provided in this article.


First, you will need an account in Aruba Activate. If you do not have an account, 

1. Visit
2. Click on "Request Log In ". Fill in either the Purchase Order number or the IAP serial and MAC address.
3. Once the request is approved, all of your Instant Access Points will be shown after logging in.
4. Click Setup -> "New" on the "Rules" panel to create new rules.


  • On Rule Type, select Provisioning Rule.
  • On Parent Folder, select default. If your Instant Access Point are group in a different folder. Select the folder created.
  • On Provisioning Type, select "IAP (AMP)".
  • On AMP IP, enter the IP address of your Airwave Server.
  • On Shared Secret, enter the secret.
  • On Organization, enter the organization name.
  • Click Done


You are now ready to test the provisioning of Airwave configuration to your Instant Access Point (IAP) using Aruba Activate. If your Instant Access is not in the factory default state. Please reset the IAP into factory default state and reboot the IAP.

To verify the Airwave configuration push from Aruba Activate,

1. Login to the Instant Access Point.
2. Click on Support -> AP System Summary -> Run
3. On the output, you should note that the Airwave server IP address and the organization name will match your rule configured in Activate.

         Organization             : us.west
         Airwave Address      :

4. You will notice that the Airwave status on the bottom of the administration will show as "Not Connected". If this is the case, you will need to notify the Airwave Server Administrator to add the new device discovered into the selected group. Once this is completed. The status will change into connected in less than two minutes.


The AP Debug Log provides information to debug issues you may have. To check on the event in the provisioning process.

Navigate to,

Support -> AP Log - AP Debug -> Run
The log below indicate that the IAP is successfully connected to the Activate Server and is attempted to connect to the Airwave Server.
Apr  8 16:10:04  awc[1019]: _awc_init: 1098: connecting to
Apr  8 16:11:08  awc[1019]: awc_connect to
Apr  8 16:12:09  awc[1019]: connecting to
Apr  8 16:12:09  awc[1019]: _awc_init: 1098: connecting to
Apr  8 16:12:09  awc[1019]: connected

Support -> AP Log - AP Debug -> Enter "disconnected" -> Filter -> Run
If the device is not added into the Airwave Server, the following event will show up every two minutes.
Apr  8 18:49:30  awc[1015]: disconnected from airwave
Apr  8 18:51:32  awc[1015]: disconnected from airwave
Apr  8 18:53:33  awc[1015]: disconnected from airwave


3. CLI
show adrs status
d8:c7:c8:c4:61:a9# show adrs status

APAS Status          :success
Airwave Address      :
Airwave Shared Key   :23aec60326add789d808b8b04b75ec157995ba8b5f470ef1