Difference between Onboard and QuickConnect

By j.easley posted Sep 26, 2014 06:55 AM


Simple answer: Onboard for environments that need device certificates and Unique credentials and QuickConnect for simple .1X settings configuration


Note: The current Onboard videos display QuickConnect early in the process. Engineering leveraged QC to deliver Onboard with Windows, Android and Mac functionality. These early videos were captured to provide you with a way to show customers the Onboard process before the final product was delivered (April 30). Newer videos will be captured where any reference to QuickConnect will be removed from Onboard.


  Onboard QuickConnect
Device Support

Windows, OS X/Mac OS, Ubuntu (12.04 LTS and 14.04 LTS), iOS, Android

 Windows, OS X/Mac OS, iOS, Android
Push Supplicants/Agents No Yes
Configure VPN Yes No
Configure Active Sync & Exchange Yes for iOS only No
Install Programs/Apps No Yes (Windows Only)
Push Unique Machine Credentials Yes - certificates (iOS/Mac Lion) and Unique Credentials (Android/Windows) to devices & revoke their access No
Requires ClearPass Policy Manager Yes No
Adminstration ClearPass Policy Manager Cloud-based with yearly subscription
Use Case Best for enterprise environments where there are multiple things to configure on new devices, especially environments where certs/credentials are required Best for environments that experience constant change (universities) or organizations that are moving to .1X and do not require certs/credentials
Works over Any Vendor's Network Yes Yes
License tracking Through ClearPass Policy Manager - any device associated with a cert/credential Cannot track how many users configure devices (sold by Tl number of users/honor system for adherence & usage  license)