Aruba ClearPass Workshop - Guest #4 - Guest Step by Step (Packet by Packet)

By Herman Robers Unpublished


In this video we go step-by-step through the Guest process in ClearPass and Aruba Instant from a client perspective. Before we can do that, we need to bypass the MAC caching that we setup in the previous steps, by deleting attributes in the Endpoint database for the client, in order to get back to the Captive Portal.

You will see:
- Client's first HTTP session being intercepted by the Instant AP and redirected to ClearPass.
- ClearPass Guest registration.
- ClearPass redirect to post credentials to the Instant AP
- Instant AP intercepting/responding to the DNS request for the fqdn in the SSL certificate that is installed on the Instant AP.
- Credentials posted by the client to the Instant AP (https)
- Instant AP validating the credentials through RADIUS with ClearPass
- Open access for the client.


This video is part of the Aruba ClearPass Workshop series.

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