Frequent disconnection in the Airplay between Apple TV and Ipads

By AnandKumar Sukumar posted Jun 27, 2014 04:41 PM


We need to find out whether the Airgroup server is trusted or untrusted.
If the traffic is untrusted to the controller, we need to care about the global aaa timers.
If we enable user debug and we should be able to check whether the AppleTV is being idle timeout
and comes back again to the user table.
From 6.3 onwards, we can configure idle timer based on the aaa profile and we can adjust the timer instead of global timers.
Below is the command to check whether all the apple tv is present.
(7210) (config) #show airgroup servers
2. Instead of changing the global timer, we can set timers only to that aaa profile.
(Aruba3400) (config) #aaa profile default
(Aruba3400) (AAA Profile "default") #user-idle-timeout ?
<seconds>               User idle timeout in seconds. Valid range is
                        30-15300 seconds in multiples of 30 seconds
3. logging level debug user-debug <mac address of the user>