Training: Managing Instant APs with Local Interface

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Module - 1 Introduction

This module covers the advantages of IAPs, explains the need of the virtual controller (VC) and clusters. Reviews Instant hardware platforms and features.


Module - 2 Aruba Install

This module explores the three methods of installing IAP networks: Instant, Activate with Airwave and Aruba Central. This module also demonstrates the Instant installation method.


Module - 3 UI Monitoring

Learn to monitor Wlans, IAPs and Clients with the GUI and CLI demonstrations.


Module - 4 Managing IAPS

Explains the procedure for IAPs joining a cluster and the election process for the Virtual Controller. Uplink choices are described. Includes a demonstration of the VC and IAP naming configuration.


Module - 5 WLAN Authentication

Explores authentication methods such as 802.1x, Guest access, Mac authentication. Also discusses EAP termination. Includes a configuration methods demonstration.


Module - 6 Firewall

Discusses the IAP Statefull firewall along with roles and rules. Firewall extended actions and methods of applying them to a Wlan or doing Role derivation with VSAs is described. Includes a firewall application demonstration.


Module - 7 Captive Portal

How captive portal is invoked and the choices in using internal or external captive portals is explored. Includes a captive portal configuration demonstration.


Module - 8 ARM

ARM calibration and features in the IAP network such as load aware, voice aware and others are described. Explains how to invoke the spectrum analyzer. Demonstrates RF settings, ARM commands and spectrum analyzer.


Module - 9 Mesh

Mesh terminology and setup in a cluster is explained. An IAP joining as a mesh point and mesh commands are demonstrated.


Module - 10 Wired Access

Discusses IAP wired capabilities including configuration of a wired port as an access or trunk, and wired authentication with 802.1x or captive portal. Includes how to apply firewall roles. Demonstrates how to configure a wired access port.


Module - 11 VPN

IAP wired capabilities including configuration of a wired port as an access or trunk, and wired authentication with 802.1x or captive portal. Includes how to apply firewall roles & configure a wired access port.


Module - 12 WIP

This module explores the IAPs rogue detection and classification methods. It also discusses configuration options for intrusion detection and protection. A demonstration of WIP configuration is also provided.


Module - 13 Roaming

Cluster roaming is explained along with a detailed explanation of inter cluster roaming. Automatic or manual creation of Home Agent Tables is explored. A demonstration of the roaming configuration is also given.


Module - 14 AirGroup

The basics of the Bonjour protocol is explained and how to configure AirGroup with AirPlay or AirPrint. A demonstration of the configuration and a server joining and advertising is included.


Module - 15 MAS Integration

MAS POE prioritization for the IAP, coordination of Rogue containment and the GVRP capabilities with VLAN self registration. Includes a IAP configuration demonstration.


Module - 16 Hotspots

A basic explanation of 802.11u and hotspot 2.0 is given. Also explains the IAP configuration to advertise and integrate with other 3G/4G or WiFi networks.


Module - 17 Administrative Tasks

Discusses Open DNS, firmware upgrades, backup and restore, configuration purge and conversion to CAPs. Demonstrations are included.



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