Unable to clear the contents of Whitelist-db using purge command.

By esupport posted Jun 15, 2015 08:08 AM


Why am I unable to delete the contents of RAP whitelist-db from the controllers when I execute the purge command?

(master) #whitelist-db rap purge

After some time, I see the RAP whitelist get populated again. 


To purge the RAP whitelist, we can execute the command:


(master) #whitelist-db rap purge


However this will only work on a standalone controller and not an a controller which is part of a master/standby-local cluster. The controller which is part of a cluster will have its whitelist-db repopulated again from the other member of the cluster.


This is recommended command to be executed on a new controller before we add the controller to an existing master-local setup to prevent the whitelist-db corruption.