How do I perform a graceful shutdown for an NAC Appliance configured for High Availability or Hot Standby?

By Arunkumar posted Jun 30, 2014 08:02 PM


Product and Software: This article applies to all ECS product and software versions.

If at any point the need to power down any of the NAC appliances in a High Availability configuration arises, a graceful reboot is mandatory. Improperly rebooting an appliance may cause the system to go into a fail-over state.

This solution describes the proper way to power down NAC appliances that are set up in a High-Availability or Hot Standby configuration. Different procedures are followed based on which appliance needs to be rebooted.

Important: Do not power off your NAC appliance by pulling the plug or pressing the Power Off switch. This action could jeopardize the database on the NAC appliance. Performing a graceful reboot provides the safest way to reset the appliance and avoid corrupting the database.


  • PuTTY or other ssh software
  • Admin or greater access privileges

Procedure #1 (Powering Down Either of the Primary NAC Appliances)

1) Connect to the primary NAC control server or NAC server appliance CLI using ssh.

2) Log in as admin.

3) Run the following command to shut down the NAC product and database:


4) Wait 15-20 seconds.

5) Connect to each of the secondary NAC appliance CLI's using ssh and view the current 'processManager' log file:

ssh <hostname secondary>

If you have a 1U appliance:
6) Type:

cd /bsc/logs/processManager

7) Type:

tail -f output.processManager.<most current file date>

If you have a 2U/4U appliance:

cd /bsc/campusMgr


tail -f output.masterProcess.<most current file date>

8) Verify that the secondary appliance in is Idle (true) mode. Look for the line of text that looks like this:

(Slave) Master In Control Idle(true)

If you find that the secondary NAC appliance is not in Idle mode, go back to the primary NAC control server and reissue the command:


Once Idle mode has been verified, continue.

9) In a console window, connected to each secondary NAC server and run the following command:

sudo init 0

10) After the secondary NAC servers have shut down to the HALT state, press and hold the power button until the unit powers off.

11) In a console window connected to each of primary NAC servers, run the following command:

sudo init 0


Procedure #2 (Powering Down Either of the Secondary NAC Appliances)

1) Verify proper operation of the primary servers before moving on to powering down the secondary servers.

2) Connect to the secondary NAC control server or NAC server appliance that is to be powered down, using ssh.

3) Run the following command to power down:

sudo init 0

4) Repeat the process for each secondary NAC appliance that needs to be powered down.