How-to-file-a-Feature-Request ?

By Sumesh Murali posted Jun 25, 2014 06:55 PM


Filing a Feature Request:

Email with any feature requests. Things to include in the request: your name, company, current running version of AMP, details of the feature request, and the degree of importance of this feature.

Feature review process:
Once the feature request has been filed, you should expect a response from Support with a feature request number used for tracking (ex. FV###). This feature request number is your ticket to finding out more about the feature vote. Feature requests are discussed weekly, so turn around to hear back about your feature request can be expected between 1-3 weeks (this time frame depends on the availability of the Product Managers).

Other feature request resources:
Sales Rep - you can always check with your Sales rep or SE, they can also assist you in filing your feature request.
Feedback - ( This is another forum used to register feature votes. You can also see some of the features other customers have requested.