Resetting Airwave Root Password

By ozerdo posted Nov 13, 2011 10:41 PM



Does any one know how to reset the root password for AirWave? Is it documented somewhere?


If you've forgotten the AirWave root password, it's possible to reset it by booting into Linux Single User Mode.

1. Reboot the server with CTRL-ALT-DELETE.
2. When the blue boot screen pops up (depending on what OS you have, you may have an AirWave logo or CentOS or another OS logo on this page), press "e" to edit the boot configuration.
3. Move the cursor down to the line that starts with 'kernel', and press "e"
again to edit that line
4. Make sure you're at the end of the line, give a space and add the word "single" (without quotes) to the string, then hit
5. Type 'b' to continue the boot process; you'll boot quickly into a shell without having to enter a password
6. Use the 'passwd' command to enter and confirm a new password for the root user
7. Write down the new password and keep it someplace safe.
8. Use the 'reboot' command to reboot the server into full operations mode.

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