What is AppRF?

By vikrams@aruba posted Jun 30, 2014 03:31 AM


Environment         Customer would like to user application specific ACL and use built in intelligence of AOS to

                                 classify App.


  •     The New PEF - Next generation firewall
  •     Application aware Deep-Packet-Inspection
  •     Powerful Heuristics & Visualization techniques
  •     User level application control
  •     Block/ Prioritize/ Bandwidth contract on specific web traffic
  •     Category based dashboard
  •     Graphical configuration from dash board
  •     Uses Protocol Signature analysis
  •     Understands hundreds of protocols and applications
  •     Understands thousands of types of metadata
  •     Distinguish actions launched within an Application – like: login, chat, browse, file transfer etc
  •     Extract Metadata from app flows