Duplicate a Aruba controller group in AirWave

By ozerdo posted Nov 14, 2011 06:20 PM



When I click on a group's "Duplicate" icon should I expect that all of the group's configuration will be copied to the new group except for the name? I've done this on my AMP and the only thing that is copied is the "Basic" configuration.


Aruba config settings are not included in the group duplication today.


If you're using group-based AOS config (rather than the global config under Device Setup -> Aruba Config), you'd have to find another way to build the configuration.


If you're using AirWave to configure a new controller, this would be a good workflow:

1. Put new controller into existing AirWave Group.
2. Put the controller into manage mode to have AirWave configure it.
3. Once the new controller is configured, move it to its own group, then go to its Audit page and import the config to build AirWave's desired configuration.