HPE 1950: QoS Not Working via GUI

By esupport Unpublished


Customer was facing issue when trying to configure QoS in 1950 switch .

Below was customer requirement

-  DSCP 46 markings from the phones must be mapped to CoS 5

-  DSCP 24 markings from the phones must be mapped to CoS 4

-  CoS 5 must be set to the expedite QoS queue




It was found to be a configuration issue.

Customer was finding it difficult to implement using Switch GUI.

We Implemented the requirement in our LAB switch and provided the proper configuration to customer using Switch CLI and GUI.

Provided the configuration after implementing it in our LAB switch and customer was able to implement it in his production successfully.

See Solution for the CLI and GUI configuration


Below is the sample config created in our LAB.


Solution via the CLI:

vlan 200
 name voice
traffic classifier MatchAny operator and    
 if-match any
traffic behavior SetVeryHigh   
 remark dscp ef
 remark dot1p 5
qos policy PrioVeryHIgh
 classifier MatchAny behavior SetVeryHigh
 qos vlan-policy PrioVeryHIgh vlan 200 inbound

Also activate "qos trust dscp" on switchports uplink as an sample below.
interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1
 port link-type trunk
 port trunk permit vlan 1 100 200
 port trunk pvid vlan 100
 qos trust dscp

Below is the Verification command

[HPE]disp qos vlan-policy vlan 200
Vlan 200
  Direction: Inbound
  Policy: PrioVeryHIgh
   Classifier: MatchAny
     Operator: AND
     Rule(s) :
      If-match any
     Behavior: SetVeryHigh
        Remark dscp ef
        Remark dot1p 5


Solution via GUI:


follow below steps to implement the QOS using GUI as below. I checked  in LAB  gives same result as CLI.

1. Go to QOS ----->QOS policies----->vlan-------> click on + sign 

then add the vlan info say 200 then then on incoming box then again click on + sign the vlan 200 info will be configured successfully .


2. Then click on policies box  under incoming  for vlan 200 then + sign 


Then under behavior click as below


Under classifier


Then Run content configuration will be applied to vlan 200 successfully.


 To activate "qos trust dscp" on switchports uplink  below


QOS-----Priority Mapping-----Port Priority ------Ge1/0/1 select DSCP under trust mode.



-----> Customer confirmed was able to implement the QoS as per his requirement in his network