Aruba Instant in AirWave 8.0

By j.easley posted Dec 21, 2015 03:54 PM


This document describes the Aruba Instant access point and Virtual Controller system as well as the procedure to integrate this system with AirWave. This section contains the following points:

l "Overview of Aruba Instant" on page 5

l "Instant Management with AirWave" on page 5

l "Using Aruba Instant with AirWave" on page 6

l "AMP Pages with Instant-Specific Features" on page 7

l "Supported Firmware" on page 8


Overview of Aruba Instant Aruba Instant:

(Instant) is a system of access points per Layer 2 subnet. Aruba Instant IAPs are controlled by a single IAP that serves a dual role as a primary Virtual Controller, eliminating the need for dedicated controller hardware. This system can be deployed through a simplified setup process appropriate for smaller organizations, or for multiple geographically dispersed locations without an on-site administrator. Only the first IAP/Virtual Controller you add to the network must be configured; the subsequent IAPs will all inherit the necessary configuration information from the Virtual Controller. Aruba Instant continually monitors the network to determine the IAP that should function as the Virtual Controller at any time, and the Virtual Controller will move from IAP to IAP as necessary without impacting network performance. The Virtual Controller technology in Aruba Instant is capable of IAP auto discovery, 802.1X authentication, role-based and device-based policy enforcement, rogue detection, and Adaptive Radio Management (ARM).