How to convert Instant Campus AP / Remote AP back to IAP mode without a Soft/Hard reset

By esupport posted Feb 28, 2018 04:41 AM


Starting with AOS 6.5.2.x, we can convert the Campus AP / Remote AP back to IAP mode by executing a command in controller. 


We can convert the IAP campus AP / Remote AP for the below AP's


(Uday-MD-Chennai) [mynode] #ap redeploy controller-less 

all                     Deploy all APs as controller-less AP

ap-group                Deploy APs in this group as controller-less AP

ap-name                 Deploy AP with this name as controller-less AP

ip-addr                 Deploy AP at this IP address as controller-less AP

ip6-addr                Deploy AP at this IPv6 address as controller-less AP

wired-mac               Deploy AP at this MAC address as controller-less AP


(Uday-MD-Chennai) [mynode] #ap redeploy controller-less ap-name ap1


Once the command is executed, AP will reset and fall back to IAP mode and comes back as Virtual cluster.