AOS-Switch: Port access security configuration

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How do I configure AOS-Switch port access security using an external authentication server?

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This solution will simplify configuration of port access control on an ArubaOS-Switch device, with access controls provided either locally or by an external authentication server (e.g. ClearPass Policy Manager, RADIUS, etc).

Minimum Software Versions Required

Varies by feature and switch model; see the Management (Captive Portal for ClearPass), Security and Application sections in the ArubaOS-Switch Software Feature Support Matrix

Configuration Notes

This solution covers port access security features available on supported ArubaOS-Switch models, including local credentials, 802.1X, MAC-based, Web-based, local MAC authentication, and Captive Portal. For each method, configuration options for required and commonly-used optional features are provided in the workflow.

Platform(s) Tested

Tested on a 3810M running KB.16.02.0011 and a 2920 running WB.16.02.0012.


For switches: none required. Standard license requirements apply for authentication servers (ClearPass, RADIUS, etc).


  1. HPE ArubaOS-Switch Access Security Guide K/KA/KB.16.01
  2. HPE ArubaOS-Switch Advanced Traffic Management Guide K/KA/KB.16.01
  3. ClearPass 6.6 Deployment Guide
  4. ClearPass Policy Manager 6.6 User Guide
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Oct 16, 2017 02:47 PM

Is there a guide for the clearpass piece of this?  Thx!