Confirm rogue detection and containment in AirWave

By ozerdo posted Nov 14, 2011 06:21 PM



We're using AirWave in monitor mode for the time being, but we've enabled the option "Manage rogue AP containment in monitor-only (1 master and 20 other locals) mode" to be able to contain rogues after they are detected by AW using the rules we've defined.

It is detecting a couple of rouge APs but these are not being contained. When the MAC Address of a rouge AP is clicked, it shows that the desired and current containment status are not desired.

  • How can we make sure that the AW is detecting all the Rogue networks?
  • How can we make sure that containment is applied from the Aruba side?


It seems like you've done the setup properly. The next step is to tell RAPIDS what devices you want to contain.

To contain 1 rogue, go to its details page (by clicking on the name of the rogue from the rogues list) and set its RAPIDS Classification Override to "Contained Rogue".

To contain a bunch of them in one step, to to the rogues list page and click Modify Devices. Then check the rogues you want to contain, and below the list set their RAPIDS Classification to "Contained Rogue".