Unable To Configure HPE 5120 Switch As NTP Server

By esupport posted Jul 29, 2019 09:27 AM



Customer wants to configure his HPE 5120 switch as an NTP server. The switch is supposed to act as a time server and the connected switches need to be in sync with the this switch.


Customer setup:

Switch A is the NTP client

Switch B is the NTP server

Reachability is there and the NTP client is configured accordingly.


Switch A is configured as follows:

[hpe]ntp-service unicast-server source interface vlan-interface 1

[hpe]disp ntp status

 Clock status: unsynchronized

 Clock stratum: 16




When checked the debug session output on the client switch, we see this.

*Apr 26 14:48:59:908 2000 GRNRVRSJU08 NTP/7/debug_NTP_packet_xmt:

packet to


*Apr 26 14:49:00:569 2000 GRNRVRSJU08 NTP/7/debug_NTP_packet_rcv:

packet from to on Vlan-interface1


*Apr 26 14:49:01:671 2000 GRNRVRSJU08 NTP/7/debug_NTP_common_info:

Drop peer for its stratum is not less than 15.


The packet is sent from the client to the server and we are receiving a response as well. As per the last message in the debug, the information is dropped as the stratum is not less than 15. A device can act as a server to synchronize other devices only after it is synchronized. If a server has a stratum level higher than or equal to a client, the client will not synchronize to that server.


On Comware v5 switches (Except for higher end switches i.e 75xx, 105xx and 125xx), you do not have the option to change the stratum level or configure the local clock as reference clock on the switch which is supposed to act as a server


Connect a 5130 switch or any higher end switch to act as an NTP server which supports the below commands.

[5130]ntp-service enable

[5130]ntp-service refclock-master 2


These commands are used to set the stratum on the switch where 2 is the integer for stratum. Once set, the NTP will be synchronized and you would be able to successfully load the time settings.

Can 5120 be configured as an NTP server.pdf