OnGuard Plugin V1.0 AV signature updates being frozen

By esupport posted Jun 05, 2018 07:06 PM



OnGuard Plugin V1.0 AV signature updates being frozen


AV Signature update 1.54157 will have the final AV signatures available to use with OnGuard Plugin V1.0 (also known as v3 SDK).  Beginning with signature version 1.54158 the data used by OnGuard will no longer update the v3 SDK content.
Customers still using Plugin V1.0 (v3 SDK) policies will potentially see symptoms of clients being allowed on the network with older AV signatures.  Policies requiring AV signatures such as "within last week" or "within 4 versions" of the current/latest signature will see that clients are allowed to connect based on the current signature definitions from 5 June 2018.  Clients with newer signatures will not be negatively impacted.  This affects all versions of client and server less than version 6.6.7.
To remediate this issue, customers must upgrade to version 6.6.7 or later and enable the V2.0 Plugin policy.  Customers using ClearPass 6.7.0 and later have automatically had policies migrated to the latest version and are not impacted by this change if their clients are upgraded as well.