Bulk edit 16 VLAN support

By esupport posted Feb 20, 2019 02:15 PM


Bulk edit 16 VLAN support.

  • Starting from AOS 6.5 bulk edit feature on BOC now supports addition of up to 16 VLAN's via static configuration method (prior to 6.5 - supported up to 4 VLAN)
  • Configuration is defined in a CSV file, with each line of the file containing settings for a particular BOC
  • All configuration parameters apart from extension up to 16 VLAN remains the same
  • DB upgrade from version 17 to version 18 to support 16 VLAN schema


Supported Platforms:

  1. Master Controller

              All 72xx Platforms

  1. Boc

              70XX platforms


Below is an example for CSV file content for extented 16 vlan support.

"Mac Address","Description","Time Zone","DST",
“Pool1”,“Domain1","DNS1","Vlan1","Vlan1 IP","Mask1","Exclude List1",
“Pool2”,“Domain2","DNS2","Vlan2","Vlan2 IP","Mask2","Exclude List2",
“Pool3”,“Domain3","DNS3","Vlan3","Vlan3 IP","Mask3","Exclude List3",
“Pool4”,“Domain4","DNS4","Vlan4","Vlan4 IP","Mask4","Exclude List4",
“Pool5”,“Domain5","DNS5","Vlan5","Vlan5 IP","Mask5","Exclude List5",
“Pool6”,“Domain6","DNS6","Vlan6","Vlan6 IP","Mask6","Exclude List6",
“Pool7”,“Domain7","DNS7","Vlan7","Vlan7 IP","Mask7","Exclude List7",
“Pool8”,“Domain8","DNS8","Vlan8","Vlan8 IP","Mask8","Exclude List8",
“Pool9”,“Domain9","DNS9","Vlan9","Vlan9 IP","Mask9","Exclude List9",
“Pool10”,“Domain10","DNS10","Vlan10","Vlan10 IP","Mask10","Exclude List10",
“Pool11”,“Domain11","DNS11","Vlan11","Vlan11 IP","Mask11","Exclude List11",
“Pool12”,“Domain12","DNS12","Vlan12","Vlan12 IP","Mask12","Exclude List12",
“Pool13”,“Domain13","DNS13","Vlan13","Vlan13 IP","Mask13","Exclude List13",
“Pool14”,“Domain14","DNS14","Vlan14","Vlan14 IP","Mask14","Exclude List14",
“Pool15”,“Domain15","DNS15","Vlan15","Vlan15 IP","Mask15","Exclude List15",
“Pool16”,“Domain16","DNS16","Vlan16","Vlan16 IP","Mask16","Exclude List16",


How to upload the file:


How to verify the bulk edit configuration:

(Aruba7205) #show bulkedit ?
common-vlans            Show configured common-vlans
configuration           Show Bulk Edit Configuration
state                   Show configured information type
vlans                   Show configured vlans