How to reset the S2500 Mobility Access Switch (MAS) to factory default?

By Arunkumar posted Jun 28, 2014 10:57 AM


Environment : Aruba S2500-24T running Aruba OS



Perform the following steps to reset the S2500 Mobility Access Switch to factory default. 

1. Connect to the device using the console port or using SSH with a network connection from your computer. 
2. Login as admin user and type "write erase all" then press "y" to confirm. 
3. Type "reload" then press "y" to confirm. 

(ArubaS2500-24T) #write erase all 
Switch will be factory defaulted. All the configuration and databases will be deleted. Press 'y' to proceed : 

(ArubaS2500-24T) #reload 
Do you really want to restart the system(y/n): 

The default username is "admin" and the default password is "admin123" 

You will need to use either the Web base Startup Wizard or the Command Line base Quick Setup or Auto Configuration using DHCP option 150 and 67 to perform the initial configuration.

Please refer to the attached quick start guide for more information.


Quick Start Guide.pdf