How many BSSIDs can a AP broadcast?

By Shyam_Moolayilkalarikkal posted Jul 03, 2014 04:49 PM


Question:  How many BSSIDs can a AP broadcast?


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All Controller and All codes.
For ArubaOS 2.5, all radios are limited to max 8 BSSID for AP41/60/61/65/70/80M. AP85/120/121/124/125 are not supported in 2.5. This means AP41/60/61 are limited to 8 BSSIDs and AP65/70/80M can support 8 BSSIDs on 11b/g and another 8 BSSIDs on 11a.
For ArubaOS 3.x, Max number of BSSID supported is determined by the number of Ethernet interface on the AP. As a result, AP41/60/61/65/80M/85/120/121 are limited to 16 BSSID per AP. Since AP65/80M/85 are dual radio, each radio is limited to 8 BSSID only. For AP70/124/125, you can have 16 BSSIDs on 11b/g(/n) and another 16 BSSIDs on 11a(/n).