How to configure cloud guest SSID on Central

By esupport posted Aug 08, 2016 02:50 PM


Aruba Central user may need a centralized web-server to host captive portal page for their distributed networks across the globe like coffee shops, restaurant or hotels. 


Aruba central 2.0 has a new feature called Cloud Guest or Guest Management that allows administrator to create a splash page for guest users using Web server and radius server running in the cloud. The splash page that admin creates, is hosted on the web server in the Central. When guest user connects to guest WiFi and try to open a web session, IAP will intercept the web session and redirects guest user to splash page. On the splash page (based on authentication type), once user enters his credentials, IAP will do radius authentication with the radius server hosted in the Central. On successful authentication, user will be put in the post authentication role, where user gets more access based on the access rules.


Step 1: Go to Guest Management -> Add new profile



Step 2: Select Authentication Type

Authentication types can be one of the following:

  • Anonymous login
  • Username/Password
  • Guest operator generated credentials
  • Self registration
  • Social login (integration with Facebook, Google+, Twitter & LinkedIn)



Step 3: Customization of Splash Page

After basic configuration is done, splash page can be customized to add background colors, text color, company's logo, advertisement etc.



Step 4: Create new profile for Guest WLAN or edit your existing WLAN profile



Step 5: Go to Security tab and under Slash Page Type, select Splash page profile that you created




The guest operator can also create guest user accounts. For example, a networks administrator can create a guest operator account for a receptionist. The receptionist creates user accounts for guests who require temporary access to the wireless network. The guest operator can add, edit, and remove user accounts an can specify expiration time for user accounts.


Adding a visitor


1. To add new visitor, go to the Account tab under Visitor and click on the Add Visitor.


2. Guest administrator needs to fill out some basic information to create guest account including guest account validity. Username & Password details can be shared with visitor via email or text message as well.



Once configuration is pushed from Central to IAP, in running configuration WLAN user should be able to see the SSID, captive portal server and authentication server configuration.


# show running-config


wlan ssid-profile CloudGuest_1
 index 0
 type guest
 essid CloudGuest_1
 opmode opensystem
 max-authentication-failures 0
 vlan guest
 auth-server AS1_#guest#_            
 auth-server AS2_#guest#_            
 set-role-pre-auth default_#guest#_  
 rf-band all
 captive-portal external profile default_#guest#_   
 dtim-period 1
 inactivity-timeout 60
 broadcast-filter none
 radius-interim-accounting-interval 10
 dmo-channel-utilization-threshold 90
 local-probe-req-thresh 0
 max-clients-threshold 64


 wlan external-captive-portal default_#guest#_
 port 443
 url "/portal/scope.cust-124/default/capture"
 auth-text ""


wlan auth-server AS1_#guest#_
 port 1812
 acctport 1813
 timeout 20
 nas-id b47319d0-a696-4eff-809c-0a033b82b17e


wlan auth-server AS2_#guest#_
 radsec port 443
 port 1812
 acctport 1813
 timeout 20
 nas-id b47319d0-a696-4eff-809c-0a033b82b17e


Sep 26, 2020 03:53 PM

It is greyed out because the APs have not been assigned a Service Management Subscription.


Go to: Service Subscription, scroll down to Service Management Subscriptions.  Assign APs to Cloud Guest.


If you don't have any Service Subscriptions available, contact your local Aruba rep.



Jul 12, 2020 10:41 AM

In Aruba Central need to create Guest SSID with self registration, unfortunately could not create it. As the cloud guest is grayed out


can anyone have solution why is it grayed