Airwave Root Password Recovery - Jan 2014

By Srynearson posted Feb 25, 2014 06:18 PM


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Hello this time for the contest i decided to do something that could be really useful when an administrator forget the root password of the airwave, and then he cannot get into the console.  We dont use the console to much and you might ran in the trouble that you forgot it!


Anyways its really easy so lets get started!


  1. The first thing you need to do is reboot the Airwave, but in this case as you cannot reboot it because you got no access to the console, you will have to turn it off and then turn it on
  2. You will see press any key like this: pressanykey2.JPG
  3. So you press any key! at that momment, and you will see after that something like this:pressanykey.JPG
  4. Here you press "e" to edit the command before booting, and then you willl see something like thisvmliuz.JPG
  5. you select the one that says vmlinuz, like you see in the screenshot!, after that you will see something like this:single2.JPG
  6. You need to add the word single like you see in there!, you will see that the line will end on nodma, and you need to add a space a the word single
  7. Press enter, and then press b...  After pressing b you will see it will reboot like this bootinginmode.JPG
  8. After you get the prompt you type passwd like you see in the imagenewpassword.JPG
  9. After this just type reboot, to reboot the server, and it will reload normally.


So thats all in this tutorial