[AirheadsConf EMEA 2013 Breakout] Wireless LAN - Encryption, Authentication, and Access Control

By agorringe posted Jun 14, 2013 05:54 AM


Attached please find the presentation from [AirheadsConf EMEA 2013 Breakout] Wireless LAN - Advanced Aruba Security.


This is the presentation given at Airheads Conference EMEA, June 2013. We welcome your feedback and discussion based on this presentation.




The content covered here includes:

- Basic background in cryptography and public key infrastructure
- What is symmetric key crypto?
- What is asymmetric key crypto?
- What are certificates and PKI?
- How to use public certs with our controller
- How these two come together to create 802.1X


Presenters: Jon Green, Rich Langston


Encryption_Authentication_Access_Control_Jon Green.pdf