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Error in Default IAP user role

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  • 1.  Error in Default IAP user role

    Posted Dec 04, 2019 03:12 AM



    I have 2 Aruba 7205 controllers configure using VRRP, in the controller it getting alert. Error: Role default-iap-user-role is system non-editable and can't be configured. How to reslove this issue please advice me Error-1.PNGLicense.PNGCli output2.PNGCli output.PNG

  • 2.  RE: Error in Default IAP user role

    Posted Jul 15, 2021 04:02 PM
    Technically speaking, this doesn't belong here in the controllerless networks section, and it may not have gotten sufficient exposure as a result. Sorry nobody has responded to this, I hope you eventually got your workaround. This is a known bug in 8.5 and later (AOS-210269), and it typically crops up when enabling PEF or adding licenses on an already-configured system. 

    For anyone else finding this post and wishing for resolution, here you go:

    1) on each of your MDs, restart the profmgr process with process restart profmgr (for more info on working with processes, this handy article is your guide.)
    2) on your Mobility Conductor (Master if you haven't gotten used to the new nomenclature yet), make some minor config change (like logging) and push it out. 
    3) Relax, it's fixed! 

    Ian Beyer