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Captive Portal failover health check

  • 1.  Captive Portal failover health check

    Posted 12 days ago

    I have a clearpass cluster and i want to use AWS DNS failover to auto failover the captive portal on a failure. What health check can i use so AWS detects that the publisher has gone down and then point connections to the subscriber IP address?


    Jeremy Smith

  • 2.  RE: Captive Portal failover health check

    Posted 12 days ago

    I think you need to use a string match to check that the captive page is loading properly in your health check configuration..

    However, please note that if your guest page uses self-registration, then it requires the publisher to be up as it is one the doing the account creation (writing to DB).. If it just for local authentication, then no issue as the account info are synced from pub to sub. So you need to consider this in your design..

    Ayman Mukaddam