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Failed upgrade from on a mixed cluster

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  • 1.  Failed upgrade from on a mixed cluster

    Posted Aug 11, 2021 03:11 PM

    Ran an upgrade but only half the cluster upgraded.  When looking at firmware files, I don't see a Centaurus version, which I assume is why the upgrade is stuck. Those are 215s.

    I would like to downgrade existing cluster of 315s to from, then can upgrade the whole batch to later or another version down the road. Not sure why it even tried to upgrade the cluster if there was no, or if it was pulled after. Or if anyone has the Centaurus files for the 215, I could finished the upgrade.

    I have never done a downgrade, but had a similar problem a while back, but support handled most of it for me.

    Someone mentioned rebooting the master to backup partition, but would that automatically downgrade all the other 315s?

    Alternatively upgrading them all to would work, as well, but it tells me an upgrade is already in progress on the 315, and on the 215s that I need to use the master, which is a 315.

    Shane Farmer

  • 2.  RE: Failed upgrade from on a mixed cluster

    Posted Aug 12, 2021 07:38 PM
    if your cluster of IAP-315s is still operational, you can downgrade to

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