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Apboot during update

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  • 1.  Apboot during update

    Posted Sep 01, 2021 10:50 AM

    Looking to update our environment of controllers and access points, the below is just a simplicity of my question, thanks for any help!

    Say that you have a primary controller with ip (Switch IP) a redundant secondary controller with ip (Standby IP)
    We start by moving all access points from to with ap-move all, we then update our standby controller.

    When this is done we want to boot / move back and update all access points, we do this with apboot all, does this update and move them back to (the other controller)?

    If we use ap-move all do the move / reboot to and update?

    Can you use apboot on controller2 on five access points say in group A so they get on controller1 and update -
    and then from controller2 issue apboot ap-group A and only the remaining access points on controller2 will boot and update to controller1 (not the one already updated beforehand, these on controller1 will not reboot), correct - right?

  • 2.  RE: Apboot during update

    Posted Sep 09, 2021 04:37 AM

    I'm going to answer my own question regarding which controller i choses on apboot, it's the controller you have specified under your ap-group and then under ap-system-profile.

    Question remains though if it always reboot's when using ap-move or not?

    Grex Free