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Different wired profiles for different AP models

  • 1.  Different wired profiles for different AP models

    Posted Jan 03, 2021 09:55 PM
    Happy New Year to all. I would like some advice on mine setup as described. 

    I will have different AP 5xx models in the same cluster. They are AP 505, 505H, 515, 535 and 565. Some of the APs support dual link via LACP and some, like 505H models, will have external devices connected to it. 

    Query 1: If I create a new wired profile with 505H model in mind and with the following configuration (Ports: E1-E4, POE enabled, Access on VLAN 10), does it affect the other AP models with port E1 link aggregated with E0?

    Query 2: For those AP models which supports dual uplink through LACP, how do I configure the POE settings such that E0 is prioritized over E1 or both ports simultaneous? Is that done on the switch port or the AP?