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IAP-VPN L2 Setup question

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  • 1.  IAP-VPN L2 Setup question

    Posted Jun 29, 2021 12:01 PM
    Hi I am trying to setup an IAP-VPN.  Ihave most of it working.  AOS 8.6 with a 303IAP going to a 7220 VPNC managed by MM (MC).  No central or Airwave.

    I have the instant ipsec tunnel setup and I have a phone and PC on the wired port of the IAP.  All that works.  But I am under the impression that I can assign an IP for the IAP VC.  The IP I chose is a random IP from a new subnet I have routed to the VPNC.  I assigned the IP as the VC IP on the IAP.  But it seems like I need a route or the IAP needs to advertise that IP back to the VPNC.  I can not figure out how to get the VC IP pinging or access it from my corp network.

    I do have a route on my IAP for my entire corp network to the public gateway IP of my VPNC.  But on the VPNC I can not add a route back.  I tried something like the below. Where is the VC IP.

    ip route ipsec

    Any ideas?

    Alan Scott