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Question - Alcatel AP 315 Instant into Aruba Controller

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  • 1.  Question - Alcatel AP 315 Instant into Aruba Controller

    Posted Jun 14, 2021 11:13 AM
    Hi Folks, 

    We know that before Stellar, Alcatel worked with the hardware and Operative System of Aruba in their Wireless solutions, so we could upgrade an Alcatel instant 315 with an ArubaOS and so.... I know that is not ok to do that, but we could. Now I have a doubt:

    We changed an Alcatel Instant solution to an Aruba Controller with a lot of aruba APs (315). This Aruba solution is on the same management vlan (16) than the retired Alcatel was but our client wants to work with the Alcatel solution in the future. Those Alcatel APs still have their static IP address on that vlan (16) so...:

    1. What could happen if we connect an Alcatel AP again in a port with the vlan 16?
    2. That Alcatel AP will be part of the Aruba Controller? Is that possible?
    3. Do we have to work with another vlan?

    Ps: The client wants to work with both solutions in parallel, but they don't want to have another admin vlan for Alcatel solution, they want to maintain the same vlan (16).

    Jes�s Mitma

  • 2.  RE: Question - Alcatel AP 315 Instant into Aruba Controller

    Posted Jun 15, 2021 07:01 AM
    You can run multiple controllers in the same VLAN, however, the discovery method for the APs to find the controller is limited in that case.

    The ADP discovery will probably fail, as both controllers may be responding and one of them may be faster and win. Your APs will likely end up at the wrong controller at some point. DHCP/DNS discovery might be challenging as well, although you could use an advanced DHCP or DNS server to provide the controller depending on the AP who is asking.

    With static controller discovery, you can during provisioning fix an AP to a specific controller, which allows you to run multiple controllers in the same subnet.

    Alcatel/Dell APs are known to work with an Aruba controller, given the same Aruba AP type is supported on your controller version, it may not be officially supported so check with your Aruba account team if that is important for you.

    Herman Robers
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  • 3.  RE: Question - Alcatel AP 315 Instant into Aruba Controller

    Posted Jun 15, 2021 08:12 AM
    Hi Herman, 

    That's what I did. I just opened a case with Aruba support to have an official response to my end customer.

    I think that the best option is to separate the register VLAN like this:

    Alcatel Instant Solution = VLAN 17
    Aruba Controlled APs = VLAN 16

    Thank you.

    Jesus Mitma Ancari