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Client Flapping on Instant Network

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  • 1.  Client Flapping on Instant Network

    Posted Mar 08, 2021 11:36 PM

    I have a small Aruba Instant network consisting of two 315s. It has been reliable and without issues since I installed it 18 months ago. I'm having difficulty connecting an Arlo Pro 4 Wireless camera.

    By design, this camera connects directly to Wi-Fi (without a base station that many Wi-Fi cameras have). Once connected to the designated SSID on the Instant network, it continuously disconnects and reconnects from Wi-Fi. You can ping the device, which will respond for 3-4 packets, and then it will disconnect from Wi-Fi for 10-15 seconds, at which point the cycle repeats. Because of the "6 month without recharge" battery in the camera, I suspect power management may be the issue, but I am uncertain. The camera connects (and stays connected) on Wi-Fi offered by an Arris device, so the camera does not appear to be defective.

    Current firmware on the Instant is, but this was also happening with

    I've tried both wmm-uapsd-disable and rx-ampdu-agg-disable on the wlan ssid-profile. I am unsure what else I should try. What logging commands might help diagnose the issue? Has anyone resolved a similar issue?