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Foundation Care support options query

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  • 1.  Foundation Care support options query

    Posted Jul 06, 2021 08:54 AM


    When purchasing Instant APs, the default option seems to be to go for the 'full' Foundation Care option which offers both HW and SW support over a 1, 3 or 5 year period.
    Looking at Support Services Central ( there appear to be multiple options for FC available, offering software, hardware or combined support.
    For example, if you type in the part code "R2H28A" (AP-505 RW) you are then offered many different varieties and terms for Foundation Care. You can filter the search results to show only software support but then multiple options are shown:

    Aruba 5 Year Software+Technical Support Education/Retail AP-505 Service
    Aruba 5 Year Software+Technical Support Education/Retail Volume T2 AP-505 Service

    Has anyone purchased SW only FC? How might I work out what the difference is between the two options shown above? I'm not sure what "Volume T2" is and neither does our supplier. They say that the SKUs shown in SSC do not appear in their ordering systems (HQ0B1E and HQ0B2E) and Googling them is no help either.



  • 2.  RE: Foundation Care support options query

    Posted Jul 07, 2021 10:27 AM
    What I understand from it: These software-only support SKUs are only orderable by specific customers in Education or Retail in special situations, as it is not recommended to leave hardware support out.

    The Volume T2 SKUs are only available for large customers, that order large quantities.

    Your supplier is who should know if you are eligible, and they can reach out to their local Aruba representatives if they need more information.

    Herman Robers
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