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Detailed list of what is in a rule's category?

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  • 1.  Detailed list of what is in a rule's category?

    Posted Mar 11, 2021 10:57 AM
    Hi all,

    If one were to make this rule in an SSID:

    How do I know specifically what streaming sources I'm denying access to?  Does Aruba spell out these categories so admins *know* exactly what destinations they're influencing traffic flow about, or are we guessing and hoping?

    Steve Yuroff

  • 2.  RE: Detailed list of what is in a rule's category?

    Posted Mar 15, 2021 02:41 PM
    As the classification is done by the internal DPI engine, it is updated with newer AOS versions. It is easiest to fetch this directly from an IAP with the version you are running using the following commands:

    #show dpi appcategory all
    Pre-defined Application Categories
    Name                    App Category ID
    ----                    ---------------
    antivirus               1
    authentication          2
    behavioral              3
    cloud-file-storage      4
    collaboration           5
    encrypted               6
    enterprise-apps         7
    gaming                  8
    im-file-transfer        9
    instant-messaging       10
    mail-protocols          11
    mobile-app-store        12
    network-service         13
    peer-to-peer            14
    social-networking       15
    standard                16
    streaming               17
    thin-client             18
    tunneling               19
    unified-communications  20
    web                     21
    webmail                 22
    mobile                  23
    Total application categories = 23

    This will give you a list of all pre-defined application categories. You can then individually query each category for the applications contained within

    # show dpi appcategory streaming
    Applications in appcategory "streaming"
    050plus              6play              8tracks            acast          adobe-connect
    afreeca              air-video          akamai-video       allmusic       amazon-music
    aol-on               apple-airplay      apple-hls          apple-music    apple-tv-plus
    audible              baidu-player       bamtech            baofeng        bbc-player
    bmff                 cctv-vod           cmore              cnet           cnet-tv
    comm                 crackle            dazn               discovery-inc  disney-plus
    dplay                eurosport-player   facebook-live      facetime       flash
    free-music-download  fring              fuze               fuze-meeting   gaana
    go90                 google-play-music  graboid            gvcp           h225
    h245                 h248-binary        h248-text          hami-music     hbo-go
    hooq                 horizon-go         howcast            hulkshare      hulu
    i-want-tv            iax                icall              icecast        icy
    ifilmtv              iflix              iheartradio        itunes         ixigua
    join-me              kkbox              kuwo               lifesize       magicjack
    metacafe             mgcp               milestone-systems  mms            mog
    mogulus              mp3-rocket         mpegts             msrp           mubi
    netflix              netflix-video      niconico-douga     octoshape      omnicast
    paltalk-audio        paltalk-video      pandora            periscope      pplive
    ppstream             q931               qbrick             qik-video      qqlive
    quickplay            qvod               rakuten-tv         rakuten-video  rdt
    rhapsody             rtcp               rtp                rtsp           sccp
    sharp-stream         shoutcast          silverlight        sip            sip-soap
    sky                  sky-player         slacker            slingbox       smartalk
    sopcast              soundcloud         spotify            stan           starz
    storytel             streamco-media     sveriges-radio     tango          telestream
    teltel               tidal              tu                 tunein         tvants
    tvuplayer            uaudp              uaudp-rtp          uusee          veohtv
    vevo                 viaplay            videoland          viewster       vimeo
    vine                 viu                vk-live            voddler        vsee
    x25                  xbox-music         xcap               xl-nonton      xprotect
    yahoo-screen         yandex-music       youtube            zattoo
    Total applications in this category = 154

    Lastly you query the  particular app you are interested in to see what the classification defaults to:

    # show dpi app 050plus
    Pre-defined Application
    Name     App ID  App Category  Default Ports
    ----     ------  ------------  -------------
    050plus  1123    streaming     tcp 80 443

    The DPI engine does more than just look at ports but that is the closest I believe you get to the individual application classification. The rest is probably some "secret sauce" of the Aruba AppRF engine.

    Some applications are adaptive in nature, therefore a few sessions might occasionally be wrongly classified. But overall the engine can classify over 3000 categories which way beyond what other vendors can claim and it works very well in real-world scenarios.

  • 3.  RE: Detailed list of what is in a rule's category?

    Posted Mar 16, 2021 02:00 PM
    Super excellent and clear answer, thank you.

    Steve Yuroff