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activate service taking precedence?

  • 1.  activate service taking precedence?

    Posted Jan 20, 2021 02:19 AM


    have i missed something or this behaviour is expected.

    one of our colleagues did some "human mistake" a while back on Activate web and configured a few more AP-s than he should have with activate provisioning rule. That rule pointed to another airwave server.

    well, come few weeks afterwards and i see different Access Points starting dissapearing from my airwave. When i remotely connected to them, airwave identity/IP-s were overwritten and ofc they appeared on another AW as new devices. None of these AP-s were manually factory resetted, i guess they just rebooted (different ap-s at different times)

    Does fully already configured (including tied to Airwave management) access points and virtual controllers take their preference from activate service (for example after reboot) or should they only use activate if they are factory default? 

    i was really unhappy about that. lost approx 100 AP-s  (about 10VC-s) :( hours of work to bring them back, lucky i had CLI access.
    basically had to go to activate, manually remove provision rule to all these ap-s and then factory reset and send to back to its original airwave.


  • 2.  RE: activate service taking precedence?

    Posted Jan 20, 2021 04:00 AM
    That is my experience, that it will look at boot and possibly even periodically if the Activate provisioning rules have changed when running in Instant mode. If the AP is converted to CAP or RAP mode, I don't think that happens but managed by Airwave suggests Instant mode.

    If you check here, the AP boot process is described and that at least at boot suggests that you can use Activate to change the provisioning parameters to be adopted during boot:

    1. When an AP boots up, it connects to Activate to obtain a provisioning rule.

    2. If provisioning is already done by AirWave or Central, verify if a provisioning rule exists. If yes, the provisioning rule is saved in the flash memory. Compare the saved provisioning rule with the rule in Activate. If the rule in Activate is new, save the new provisioning rule in flash.

    You could consider pushing the 'activate-disable' command in your configuration after the initial configuration to prevent this from happening.

    Herman Robers
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