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IAP325 Wont connect to master

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  • 1.  IAP325 Wont connect to master

    Posted May 10, 2021 10:37 AM

    Sorry if I am not in the right spot, I was told our network does not have a controller. I am trying to connect some aruba 325s to our network. With our virtual controller set to allow new devices, they don't show up. When I disable add new devices, the VC sees them, but doesn't add them to the network. The AP is names its MAC address and I am unable to edit it. I cannot add the AP manually either. Same issue happens.

    The new, or new to me atleast, 325s are running and my VC is running From what I've found so far, I cannot go from to without hitting How do I go about upgrading the version running on the new devices so I can have the VC add it to our network correctly? I am able to get into apboot but the normal CLI does not load correctly.

    I was thinking if I had a stand alone poe switch with no config to power the device it would load itself with a 169.254 address and let me get into the correct CLI, but I don't know if that will work. I am VERY new to this and any help would be greatly appreciated. 



    Joseph Mandato

  • 2.  RE: IAP325 Wont connect to master

    Posted May 10, 2021 09:16 PM
    bring up IAP-325 in a different VLAN and upgrade it to the same version as that of the VC. and then disconnect it and reconnect it to the same subnet as that of the VC.

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  • 3.  RE: IAP325 Wont connect to master

    Posted May 12, 2021 11:30 AM
    No luck putting it in its own vlan. I ended up going into the apboot menu of the ap itself via console cable and erasing both partitions. I installed 8.8 using a tftp server, but my VC is only running 8.6. The AP keeps restarting itself, but I am not getting any errors on the VC alerts page. I am going to wipe and try to install 8.6 if it keeps failing.

    Joseph Mandato