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Frequent alerts in AirWave

  • 1.  Frequent alerts in AirWave

    Posted Jan 21, 2021 11:56 AM
    Every couple of days I get list of alerts from one particular IAP - it happens to be the VC for the cluster of IAPs at our high school building. I usually just delete them because they're listed as 'Severity: normal' and there seems to be no impact from them. It looks like one alert with the description of 'cli_rap_gre_ep_request (number) action: add <ip address of IAP>, controller all' is generated referencing each IAP in the cluster, then there are  a small number of alerts like these:

    'trap uplink info'

    'Sending uplink_up msg to sapd'

    'mini_httpd[26590]: bind - Address already in use'

    'cli[26339]: tunnel_profile_init(2988): init tunnel profile <default>'

    'mdns[5281]: Error in sending PAPI message'

    All of this comes from one IAP, the one that's acting as the VC - only that one cluster. When the alerts are deleted, they re-appear about a day or so later.

    IAPs in the cluster are 305s and 315, while the VC is a 365. All running

    Any info on what might trigger these and a possible fix? I'm thinking of just re-booting the VC and allowing a different IAP to assume the role of virtual controller, but not sure that's a real solution.


    Jon Koelker
    Oyster River School District
    Durham, NH

    Jon Koelker