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AP doesn't see airwave

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  • 1.  AP doesn't see airwave

    Posted Aug 17, 2021 09:51 AM
    Best regards

    I am new to this world, I have an AirWave Management Platform with 11 APs 205 configured, all in the same VLAN 1.

    For moving reasons, the APs will be moved to a new VLAN 150.

    I did the IP change of one of the APs to test, but the Airwave does not see that AP.

    The airwave sees the vlan 150 and other equipment of it without problem, but that AP does not see it.

    My computer that I work with is another vlan 115 and it sees the AP without problem.

    The only thing I did was change the ip, mask, gateway of the new vlan, I do not know if I have something pending to configure.

    Thanks in advance

    Gilberto Fernandez

  • 2.  RE: AP doesn't see airwave

    Posted Aug 17, 2021 07:10 PM
    from the AW can you ping any ip addresses in VLAN 150?

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  • 3.  RE: AP doesn't see airwave

    Posted Aug 30, 2021 02:00 PM
    Did not get any solution yet ..

    Konopelski Eulah