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wireless bridge to sensaphone

  • 1.  wireless bridge to sensaphone

    Posted Jan 19, 2021 02:17 PM
    I am trying to get remote access to my sensaphone controller to be able to send alerts from our server room crac unit. The sensaphone controller is in a electrical closet that does not have access to wired network so we purchased a iogear gwu637. We set it up and it says that it is connected to the ssid wpa2/personal in Aruba Central but when I connect it to the sensaphone it does not obtain a IP address from the AP.

    I also tried this connecting directly to my MAC laptop and disabled my wifi adapter to see if I can get an address and that did not work either. I do see that it does not allow enterprise authentication but would that actually stop my laptop from getting and IP address using this wireless bridge. It mentions using WPS but I am pretty sure that I cannot enable that in Aruba Central but if that is necessary can someone give me a clue. If I need a different devices to bridge the wireless to this device can someone tell me what is the best device to use. I know there is the Aruba 501 wireless client bridge but it appears to be more than what we actually need for more than we are willing to pay.